Hi, I’m Katherine,

I started RAW Co. together with my family in 2018. Shortly after the birth of my son in 2016, I became more aware of how our everyday household products are filled with nasty toxins and chemicals, I also became more aware of the issues around plastic and how it has negatively affected our environment on a global scale.

Since then I’ve slowly started making changes and switching to natural solutions wherever possible. While I’d love to be completely self-sufficient and free of all toxins in my home and not with a single piece of plastic in tow, the reality is that is unrealistic and impractical. I quickly realized that this is a journey and one that must be enjoyed, not overwhelming.


RAW Co. Represents an authentic, sustainable, and responsible approach to life. We are inspired by the people and world around us and love to bring you products that light us up and bring joy to the home. Our products are made from natural materials. We do not waiver on quality and produce and source goods that are aesthetically functional, follow environmentally friendly, ethical, and sustainable practices. We love to support local artisans wherever possible who help in the making of some of our products. The Brand was formed out of a desire to make a positive impact. To live more mindfully and sustainably. To live a real and authentic lifestyle.
Cotton Produce Bags

Natural, undyed, unbleached and pre-washed fabrics sourced locally.

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We always opt for natural textiles such as cotton, hemp & linen etc.

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We do our best to source all our textiles locally.

Honest to Goodness (Facebook group)

If you are interested in essential oils, yoga, sustainability, and Human Design please join my group where I share about these things and my journey of self-exploration and healthful living.  I’ve created this group as a safe space to share the things with you that light me up.  This is an open-minded space free of judgement and where we can all connect with like-minded individuals and share freely.